Fish as Seth Squatch and navigate his home river where him and his family have been hiding for many years! Once Seth learned how to fish, he fell in love with it and loves taking others fishing too!

Travel around the board and land on FISH ON! spots to draw a card. Hopefully you pull a Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass or a BASSQUATCH card to add to your net, because inside the deck of cards there are plenty of obstacles hiding such as broken rod cards, broken line, sticks (tree pounders), Clumps of weeds (Grass Bass) and more! Spend as much time as you want fishing in the river while avoiding obstacles and the hungry Pike that can steal your fish!

When a player is ready to end the game and see who wins, head to the finish line and end the fishing adventure! 

All players will add up their catches by either weight or inches and see who is the new BASSQUATCH HUNTER CHAMPION! 

Good Luck and FISH ON!

Average game time is 12 minutes

2-4 players

comes with game pieces, custom die, trophy, board game, cards, rules card and 1st edition signed card!