The Bassquatch Hunter is a very unique and fun Fishing and adventure show geared towards education and entertainment in the outdoor world! Our main goal is to help you...

``Find your Bassquatch``

I have the honor to be able to do this for my career and it all started because I wanted to share how amazing this sport and the guests are to the rest of the world and inspire the next generation to “take care of the fish you catch, the water you touch and the people you meet”.

-Mike McKinstry “the Bassquatch Hunter”

A little backstory

Host Mike McKinstry quit his career 7 years ago to follow his passion for fishing and inspiring others to take a risk and try new things to find a career that makes them happy.
In each episode, Mike takes out guests that are usually brand new to kayaks and fishing. The guests have been WWE wrestlers, Professional and/or Olympic athletes, Professional comedians, Sports show hosts, Famous musicians, Firefighters, Dairy Farmers, industry professionals and more! Each episode shows the guest as a “Fish Out Of Water” in the world of kayak fishing and then Mike dives into their career and shows how fun and difficult their world can be. The only thing the guests and Mike have in common is that they both do what makes them happy for a career and want to inspire others to do new things and take risks to find their happiness. Each segment is extremely unique and exciting!
“Being able to expose new people to this amazing sport and show them how cool all the correct gear is to make your experiences on the water more enjoyable and efficient is one of the best parts of the show! Seeing people be successful on the water for their first time and fall in love with the adventure of it all is incredible!”
Follow along on Cable, Streaming services or on Socials and watch the awesome adventures they get to share this season!
You never know where an adventure can lead you, so we love to show how fun each career can be!
Produced by Bassquatch Productions LLC, West Bloomfield, MI

Discovery Channel

May 25th-june 29th 2024
September 30th-November 10th 2024
5:30am est Saturday
Pursuit channel airs April -September
Saturday 7:30pm est
Monday 3:30pm
Weds 9am
Friday 2pm

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