Bassquatch Hunter TV is a very unique and fun Fishing and adventure show geared towards education and entertainment in the outdoor world! Our main goal is to help you…

Find your Bassquatch

We focus on showcasing the fun and adventure to be found all over the entire country and in our home state of Michigan. In every adventure you watch, you will come along and experience fishing, adventure and fun ways that we “Pay it Forward” with every chance we get.

Here at BHTV, we like to catch fish and make exciting videos and content that makes you want to get out there and hunt for your Bassquatch!
We try to show a little humor with some tips and tricks along the way in all of our work. While travelling the country and hunting for my Bassquatch, I have the pleasure of meeting the best people in the industry and the amazing people in the sport. I try to showcase all of my favorite pieces of gear along the way and most importantly, I love to have the opportunity to have access to these brands so I can give back to all of you incredible supporters, fans, friends and FAMILY.
I have the honor to be able to do this for my career and it all started because I wanted to share how amazing this sport and the anglers are to the rest of the world and inspire the next generation to “take care of the fish you catch, the water you touch and the people you meet”.
                                      -Mike McKinstry                                     "the Bassquatch Hunter"