The adventures of Seth Squatch begin here with Book #1! 

Large full color hardcover 8.5" x 11" book!

Meet Seth Squatch! Seth has been in hiding with his family for hundreds of years because humans were scary and always hunting them to prove they existed. Seth was always told to never meet humans or anyone different than him or his family. 

One day Seth met his first human when a kayak fisherman wandered into the woods on a small river... The rest is one heck of an adventure filled with learning new things, important lessons and of course, lots of fun and fishing! 

In this book, the origin of Seth's adventures are told and the amazing journey of how he became, "The Bassquatch Hunter"!

Dedicated to all of kids out there who may be a little different or like to try different things!

For kids of all ages but recommended for ages 6-12